Microsoft’s Marketing Find Loophole In Destiny Anti-Marketing Restriction

Have you noticed how PlayStation has been heavily pushing, and marketing Destiny? Not that its anything new to the video game industry. Microsoft's Xbox division is guilty of the same marketing tactics. The most prevalent of all cases would occur back during the last generation of console gaming. Microsoft pulled this strategy maintaining marketing rights to the FPS juggernaught, Activision's multi-million dollar franchise, Call of Duty.

A strategy that proved to be most effective for Microsoft in gathering the greater half of consumer's mind share. So much so, that sales would be tipped 2 to 1 in Microsoft's favor. Resulting in Xbox 360 versions of the game accounting for more than half of the games total sales. Cementing Microsoft's Xbox 360 as the definitive platform for the “hardcore” FPS gamer.

Whether it's Sony's or Microsoft's version of the game which sells the most. It's always Activision who ends up the winner in either case. However not to be undone by this new relationship between BUNGiE in that division concerning their latest project Destiny. Microsoft has put into motion a passive smear campaign against Sony's rightful dominate marketing of Destiny.

A website appeared with the URL, The page opened to an image of a cologne bottle with the label Destiny upfront and center, with the Xbox One logo near the bottom front side of the bottle. Proceeding through the site, you would be led to a page advertising a limited time Xbox one console bundle sale. The offer entailed details as such: buy one of the Kinectless Xbox One's for $399 between Sept. 7th thru the 13th, and receive a free Xbox One game (disc copy). This offer does include BUNGiE's Destiny as one of the games available for this console bundle sale.

It's not mere coincidence that the sale happens to fall on the week of Destiny's launch, and also is attached to the humorous Destiny fragrance website. It does come across as a backhand across Sony's face, but you have to admit. It's also a bit ingenious, as well as humorous. Find the link below to see the details regarding the limited Xbox one bundle offer.

Xbox One bundle offer.


In addition to the Xbox One's bundle sale. BUNGiE announced an upgrade program for consumers who purchase last gen versions of their game, Destiny. The program is similar to what was done once before at the launch of the new generation consoles. At the time it was Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, Call of Duty Ghost, and a few other titles that were making their way from last gen onto next gen.

The transition from, the then last gen, to the now current gen consoles, would be maybe two months apart for some titles through out this transitional period in the consoles cycle. To soothe consumers concerns of feeling obligated to purchase these in between gen titles twice — once on launch, and again for the next gen — they offered an upgrade program. Which offered an upgrade at a $10 charge for early adopters.

BUNGiE offers up a better deal. At no additional cost, BUNGiE explains that you can upgrade to the current gen digital version of Destiny if you purchased a last gen digital copy of the game. The upgrade would only apply within the same platform of which the game was originally purchased. In short. If you purchased Destiny for Xbox 360 digitally, your upgrade would be found on the Xbox One digitally. Same as if you purchased Destiny for the PS3 digitally, you will find your upgrade on your PS4 digitally. Full details are found in the link below, which will take you to BUNGiE's official site.

BUNGiE's Destiny upgrade program.





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