Major Slip? Possible Blutooth Headset Incoming to Xbox One?

Earlier today I was scrolling through my Twitter feed. When I ran across a peculiar conversation. On one end of the twittversation was @thevowel, Eric Neustadter who is Xbox LIVE’s engineer, as well as Xbox LIVE gamer, E. On the other end was @majornelson, Larry Hryb Xbox LIVE’s MajorNelson, and Xbox’s go to community personality. Below is the screen grab of the conversation between Mr. Neustadter, and Mr. Hryb via social network Twitter.

After reading their discourse, do you agree? Is MajorNelson playfully alluding to an – as of yet – unannounced piece of Xbox One hardware? This wouldn’t be the first time Mr. Nelson would take to social networks, and use cryptic language to discreetly tease (or troll) his followers/subscribers/fans of still yet to be revealed Xbox hardware/events/features, etc.

Mr. Neustadter’s playful retort to Larry Hryb’s smiley faced Blutooth headset remark, implicates MajorNelson as having earned his hypothetical disciplinary action in the form of account suspension. If so for what? The only message to come out of Mr. Xbox himself (Larry Hryb) were of his Blutooth headset that he found, and thought it fitting to make such a provocative answer in response to E’s game related question. It was around this time where MajorNelson inserts his playfully, and suggestive smiley face.

Yes. I know. This is non-information. Then again vague suggestive language always is. Which is exactly what is going on here through out the above conversation. The conversation could be about any number of things; however, when there are two high profile Xbox employees, who are deeply, and consistently in the mix for all things Xbox publicly posting tweets in a round about way about a tech, and hardware that is currently not available for, but hotly demanded, for the Xbox One, one begins make connections where connections are left to be made.

Is it wishful thinking to extrapolate some teasing of new hardware for the Xbox, yes. Is it possible to be an actual upcoming product, sure. Is this to be taken as a confirmed Xbox One accessory, no. For the record. I’d welcome a Blutooth headset for the Xbox One. Would you?






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