Explore The Moon – Destiny Beta Build [PS4]

Join me as I explore the moon. No, not the actual moon. BUNGiE not too long ago had a beta build for their upcoming “shared world shooter”, Destiny. There had been a section of Destiny's world map locked through out the beta. BUNGiE later announced, via BUNGiE.net, that a special event would be taking place during the beta's last Saturday. Here the locked area on the map was revealed to be a new story mission taking place on the moon. They would also use this opportunity to do an extensive test on Destiny's servers. All who would participate in this 2 hour special event would receive a digital reward. It would not be available up until the release of the full retail version of Destiny, this September 9th. BUNGiE also stated that no notification would be visible to the beta participants indicating that the reward had been indeed unlocked. BUNGiE stated they would know on their end who participated, and to whom to allocate said reward. Hope you enjoy the video.

Recently BUNGiE also released in info graph detailing some interesting stats concerning the beta. Take a look below.

On the following half of the info graph what I find most interesting is when it talks about the percentage of activities completed.

As it shows in the stats just above. Activities completed is that 97%, and so was the percentage for public event completed. It may be absolutely nothing. I'm just thinking what was in those 3% that no one actually participated in. It could have just been standard activities and public events with no significant difference from the rest of the 97% completed by the beta participants, or was the elusive 3% of activities and public events intentionally made difficult to find by BUNGiE themselves?

I've reached out to BUNGiE and as of now awaiting a response. I will update as soon as the more info is made available.





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