Boss Key Production = Cliff. Bleszinski + Arjan Brussee

One Side Of The Coin

Once again colleagues Cliff Bleszinski, and Arjan Brussee, reunite after 2 decades. Mr. Bleszinski (hotshot video game designer) better known for his contributions with designing, and as spokesman for formerly Epic Games intellectual properties, Gears of War, Gears of War 2, and finally Gears of War 3, has since been “retired” from the video games industry for the better part of 2 years. Throughout these couple of years in “retirement”, Mr. Bleszinski has teased various times, of having been kicking around ideas for a mysterious project. He's done tweets of vague screenshots, to dropping clues during interviews of his future direction within the video games industry. One of his most emphasized statements, is his apparent abandonment of the hard copy media format, and embracing a digital media format mentality. Mr. Bleszinski has also been defender of the free-to-play pricing model, however; expressing his concern that this model has not been implemented properly for the most part to the consumer.

The Other Side

Arjan Brussee is co-founder of Guerrilla Games, currently executive producer at Electronic Arts, and is hands on with EA's next title, Battlefield Hardline. Mr. Brussee was lead coder for the video game arcade shooter, Jazz Jackrabbit, during the mid 1990's. If the video game Jazz Jackrabbit sounds familiar, its because that's the same game Mr. Bleszinski designed back in his early years. After Mr. Brussee's short stay at Epic, he started Orange Games, which then later merged with Digital Infinity, and Formula, of “Lost Boys” multimedia group. Ever pushing Orange Games engine technology, it eventually made it into the main engine technology of such original IPs as: Shellshock 'Nam 67, and the Killzone series. Then After a rebranding, Arjan Brussee co-founded Guerrilla Games and presented what would end up becoming some of the Playstation's touchstone titles, with: Killzone (PS1), Killzone 2 (PS3), Killzone 3 (PS3), Killzone Mercenaries (PSVITA), and Killzone Shadowfall (PS4). Guerrilla Games has since been sold to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (in 2005).

The One Coin

Shortly after Cliff Bleszinski's resurrection into video game industry's world of the living, there would also come the news of Boss Key Production studio. Mr. Bleszinski's (CEO), and Arjan Brussee's (COO) newly founded studio. Polygon reports that a Twitter page for Boss Key Production has been created, and is under the account name, @BossKey. The studio's Twitter profile page has a peculiar wallpaper. Providing more cookie crumbs to its already two year mystery trail. Displaying an image of a search engine's partial URL bar, with the text reading, project blustreak. This may possibly be Boss Key's code name for its upcoming arena shooter PC game, reports Polygon. Cliff Bleszinski has been very clear to make known his focused intentions are for the PC gaming platform. He believes it is, “where the community is”, and explains his desire to unite video game developers, and its gamers.

BONUS level

This section is for anyone who has no understanding of the term boss key. A boss key is designated by the user, and can be any key found on a computer's keyboard. Which is custom programed to hide/reveal content displayed on the user's computer screen. For instance: you are at work, and begin to play a computer game. You spot out the corner of your view a busy body co-worker, or one of your superiors, and you don't want to be found at your work station playing a computer game. What will you ever do? Well this is where the boss key comes into play. You immediately push down the boss key (usually F10) and instantly your screen switches to whatever mundane spreadsheet, excel file you've been working on. No one is none the wiser. Then once again when the coast is clear, press the boss key to resume your gaming session. Now is this at all what the boss key in Boss Key Productions refers to? I couldn't say for certain, but after learning all about the boss key, don't you want it to be? I wouldn't mind it.




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