DESTINY Alpha Characters Will Not Migrate Into The Beta

Just moments ago BUNGiE released a message via Twitter. Answering a question on the minds of Gaurdians throughout Old Russia, Earth. Is there a Beta for a Gaurdian? BUNGiE answers a spirit shattering, soul crushing, and resounding no.

I'm sorry my beautiful Level 7 Warlock. Your deeds will echo through the annals for generations to come. Oh my sweet Titan. My sweet level 5 Titan. It seems it was just over 48 hours ago when we began our journey throughout Old Russia, Earth. Traveler be with you. And my Hunter. So many good adventures did we have. You fought valiantly. Your precision unmatched. A master at level 8. I will miss you all. Traveler be with you all.

Below is the tweet posted by BUNGiE earlier this night.


There you have it. Beginning July 17th a new era in Old Russia, Earth will begin. Actually we don't even know if the upcoming Beta just over 4 weeks away, will place us back in Old Russia, Earth at all. For whatever is to come in DESTINY's universe. You can rest assured your Beta characters have some big Alpha shoes to fill.



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