Xbox. Remove Kinect.


Hell has frozen over. Pigs can fly, and the Xbox One will be sold without Kinect. Amazon has begun to accept pre-orders for the Kinectless Xbox One. It will be priced at $399.99 which now, if not in any other way than in price, pits it against Sony's PS4. Many would argue that it was Xbox One's $499.99 price tag that sealed Microsoft's fate and cleared the path for the PS4 to dominate the console sales out the gate.

I'm anything but confident in Microsoft's Xbox division. There are rocky starts, and then there is the Xbox One. Which has suffered nothing but set backs. Notably thier initial always online policy, and the exclusion of the headset in the packaging of the Xbox One. Ultimately these decisions were reversed. Leaving a messy message on the laps of the consumer. No one could make heads or tails of what exactly the Xbox One experience would be for some time. Some may say we still don't know.

None the less, Xbox One sales are stated to be exceeding the rate at which the Xbox 360 was selling during the same time in its release. As well as the restructuring of key figures within the company, most recently Phil Spencer's promotion to head of the Xbox division. Has been celebrated and has been seen as a good sign of Xbox regaining its roots in gaming and with its core consumers.



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