Bigfoot Hunter – Pax East 2014

Another fun Indie booth at this years Pax East was The Tap Lab Booth. There I spoke with Marketing Manager, Elizabeth Cormack representing the independent developers located in Cambridge, MA, The Tap Lab. Liz and I spoke about Bigfoots? Bigfeet? Bigfootsies? We spoke about the elusive man beasts of whom so many have sought after for far too many years. Some know them as Yeti, others Sasquatch, or just simply referred to as Bigfoot.

To be more exact Liz gave me a run down on the free, in app purchases, iOS platform game, Bigfoot Hunter. Which is said to be available some time this spring. As it was demoed, the player is to hold thier phone like an actual camera. Tilt, sway, or steady your iOS device to explore a variety of venues littered with wildlife and surprises in hopes of capturing a still of the mythic beasts.

In addition to the main play mode, there's Bigfoot Photobooth. Where the lumbering fur balls will photobomb you every time. Making for some humorous pics.

Developer:The Tap LabBased in Cambridge, MA

Release date:Spring 2014

Platforms:iOS (iPhone, iPod touch)

Regular Price:

USD Free, In-App Purchases Available

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