Soda Drinker Pro – Pax East 2014

Indie studio Snowrunner Games are the developement studio for Soda Drinker Pro. The independent developer will be using ID@Xbox to publish this quirky labor of love. The game that pioneered the First Person Soda Drinking genre is now carbonating it's way into the new gen, and releasing on the Xbox One.

With over 100 levels, 10 exclusively to Xbox One, and the polish of new hardware at thier fingertips. Soda Drinker Pro will be an improved version of its PC version already available. The Xbox One version of the game will have Kinect support, and achievements. A hyper-realistic simulation mode is an other available exclusive to the Xbox One.

Will Brierly, Soda Drinker Pro's dev. is taking the virtual world experience of soda drinking to a whole other tier of carbonated, high fructose corn syrup beveragery. A special feature within Soda Drinker Pro is the hidden and mysterious world that is the game Vivian Clark. Built right into the Xbox One version of Soda Drinker Pro, Vivian Clark will also make use of a whole new engine built from the ground up. With 500% more content than its original version, drastically improved graphics, and gameplay. The world of Vivian Clark is said to continuously grow over time.

As of now no details have been disclosed for the release date of Soda Drinker Pro on the Xbox One. We'll report the release date as this information bubbles up to the surface.


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