Pax East 2014

Pax East 2014 has finally arrived, and with that comes along all the cos-players, table top games, tournaments, concerts, swag, and of course video games. It's my third return to this magical blend of tech, comic, fantasy, and community. An oasis, if you will. Where everyone is welcome. Like minds bond and share thier love for thier topical passions. Be that the latest edition of card packs, audio/video accessories, and or video games.

In the coming days, us here at GR will be putting together as much content as we possibly can from our time at Pax East 2014. Attending Pax East this year are the likes of 2K, publishers of the newly announced Borderlands 2: The Pre-Sequel. Publisher/Developer Bethesda Games showcasing thier fresh take on the horror genre with Evil Within, and their return to the classic shooter, Wolfenstein in Wolfenstein: The New Order. Others included at Pax are The Crew, and Watchdogs two big titles from publisher/developer studio Ubisoft. Just to mention a few.

More coverage for Pax East 2014 soon.



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