Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Adjusted For Deflation


Metal Gear Solid V. KONAMI is calling it a two part experience. For the immediate future, Ground Zeroes is the first for the fifth iteration of the Metal Gear Solid story arch to hit the digital market, and store shelves the 18th of March. Following an outcry over the games then announced pricing. KONAMI recently addressed its customers concerns in a change in Ground Zeros pricing.


Original pricing were as follows:


Current (Adjusted) Pricing are as follows:


The pricing alone was not the problem. It was the duration of the content provided within Ground Zeros together with its original asking price. Ever since KONAMI announced that Ground Zeros would be a maximum of approximately two hours to play through, and cost $40 for the NexGen versions. It did not sit well with its customers. Over and over throughout comment threads, and forums it was said that $40 for a two hour experience is outrageous. This is the sentiment that led KONAMI to adjust the pricing for Ground Zeros.

Ground Zeros is still going to be approximately a two-hour game. A speed run was said to just be about five minutes if you could believe that; however, the reduction of $10 is something. I am lukewarm at best with excitement for Ground Zeros. I have to admit the reason is due to the two hour play through, and the price that is attached to this experience.



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  1. jryanm says:

    I think it’s not just a two-hour experience. It’s something that most people will likely play over and over trying different strategies and it offers a valuable look at the new engine. I’m planning on buying it digitally when it comes out, not caring much about cost.

    1. Hello jryanm. Thank you for reading my writing. I hope you enjoyed it, and continue to enjoy them. I appreciate your comment and encourage you to keep’em coming. La Le Lu Li Lo.

      1. jryanm says:

        That’s who the patriots are.

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