Batman: Arkham Knight Rocksteady Announces To be Their Next, And Bookend To The Arkham Trilogy.

Today development studio Rocksteady has announced that Batman: Arkham Knight is the next, and the last of their Batman games to center around the Arkham story line. Batman: Arkham Knight will also be the first Rocksteady Batman gam to be on the PS4, and the Xbox One.

Additionaly in Arkham Knight you will have access to Batman's Batmobile, and get to drive it. It didn't seem clear if the driving experience in Batman: Arkham Knight will be Linear or be a method of travel throughout the open world. An open world that has been said to be five times larger than Arkham City's. Which is the largest of them up to this point. In fact it has been said by Rocksteady in a press release that the entire Gotham City will be available to the player for exploration.

As it has been the case with previous Rocksteady, Batman games. There will be no shortages of villains to face in Gotham. A few mentioned to be returning were Scarecrow, Two Face, the Penguin, and Harley Quinn. By the description, it appears that the Scarecrow is masterminding this attack on Gotham, and Batman.

A preorder bonus has already been announced as well. As incentive, if you decide to preorder Batman: Arkham Knight you will receive Harley Quinn as a playable character. It's not explained whether this will take place only at certain missions, or that you can choose her, and be her throughout the entirety of the campaign.

I loved all the Batman games. You could possibly say in the order of appearance from Batman: Arkham Asylum to Batman: Arkham Origins (which is not considered part of the trilogy). I can't wait to get my hands on Batman: Arkham Knight. I hope they'll be more to see of this game at Pax East this coming April. Batman: Arkham Knight is given a window release of 2014.




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