RYSE: Son of Rome – Mars’ Chosen Pack & More.

Have you finished the campaign in Ryse: Son of Rome? Did you finish it twice, the second time on legendary? Did you manage to reach 100 level in the multiplayer? For you hard-core gamers did you happen to 1000GS the game? Well then let me congratulate you, since statistics show that only a small percentage of gamers actually complete the campaign, let alone complete every achievement a game may have to offer. Congratulations!

Whether you feel you have accomplished everything the game has to offer, or you haven't. You can look forward to new content making its way to Ryse: Son of Rome. Available February 28th, developers Crytek invite you to return to thier visually prestine virtual rendition of Rome's Colosseum in Ryse: Son of Rome. The venue for which the games multiplayer component takes place.

Via the Xbox Games Store their upcoming DLC titled Mars' Chosen Pack, will cost you $8.99 USD, or will be included with the purchase of its season pass which is priced at $19.99 USD. Of course purchasing the season pass will also entitle you to any previous DLC, and in all likelyhood future DLC Ryse: Son of Rome may have to offer.

In addition to a new character skin, and new multiplayer maps. The DLC pack includes a new multiplayer cooperative mode called Survival. In Survival, you have to team up with a cooperative partner, and battle hordes of endless enemies. Sounds like what you've been doing already doesn't?

There's a catch. Now you must partner up and help each other kill as effectively, or efficiently as possible to regain your health as it depletes with time, and even faster with each new round. Fast kills will do, executions will do better, but a well-planned team effort will be the best choice for you if you wish to capture, and share those epic moments with Xbox One's Upload Studio. Not to mention all the gold and experience you will have earned with each round the two of you complete.

Five new maps will also make it into this pack. Of the five maps, Firestorm, Dockyard, and Courtyard will be centered towards Survival mode, with Courtyard being emphasized as especially made for survival mode. With the last two maps Pyramid, and Obelisk taking you to legendary locations in Egypt within the arena mode of the multiplayer. Closing out the DLC is the new character skin: The Legionary.

During an interview conducted by an Xbox Wire staff member, with the senior producer of Ryse: Son of Rome. Mr. Robey stated, “coming February 28th you'll be able to view “Chronicles and Ryse” comic book pages”, as a new feature in Ryse: Son of Rome. Also indicated in the article was the mention of discounts coming to Ryse: Son of Rome this February 28th. Details will be shared via MajorNelson's website, Xbox's Twitter, and Facebook account.




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