Xbox LIVE Digital Deals

With Microsoft's competitors taking charge in the digital discount department. Sony with its PSN + program, and Valve's Steam service consistant and heavy support of discounting digital titles. One could say at the very least It's inspired Microsoft to muster up some discounts of their own. M-Soft is tepid at best with their digital marketplace discount programs. Many criticize that their Games With Gold“, and their “Xbox LIVE Deal of Week” programs offering a 25-50% off price reduction on a variety of titles, range from having no appeal, to a too little too late mind set.

Today Mike Ybarra, M-Soft's Xbox Studio Manager has tweeted this in regards to M-Soft's efforts in listening to its customer's concerns, and providing them with answers. Tweet is as follows:

RYSE: Son of Rome is not the first Xbox One title to be discounted. The first was Powerstar Golf, which is normally $19.99 had recieved a 25% drop in price bringing it down to $14.99. Apperently M-Soft sees this strategy makes more sense (Sense, get it. Sense rhymes with cents. Never mind) than no deals at all, and seem to be taking steps at bringing this strategy onto the Xbox One. Although not yet on par with its competitors offerings in scope, and execution, still Microsoft is on track. Albeit at a slow and steady pace.

It's also been said that the “Games With Gold” program is migrating over to the Xbox One. Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's MajorNelson dropped this nugget on us via his twitter account. His statement on this shown below:

Here's to a brighter, less costly future for us consumers. One where we have a bit more change left in our wallets.



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