Xbox One’s Valentine’s Update.

On February 14th, also known as Valentines Day here in the states. Microsoft started to roll out one of their much needed updates to grace their latest video gaming console the Xbox One. The update, if it hasn't already hit your console, should be arriving for everybody with an Xbox One connected to the internet at sometime over this weekend.

At some point when powering down your Xbox One it will retrieve the update, and following this step when you proceed to start-up your system once again, your Xbox One should begin the installation of update #_____________.

This update will:

  • Visibility of available storage.
  • Allow the management of stored content.
  • Allow the management of your instal line-up.
  • Allow the management of your download queue.
  • My Games has been given a unique designation.
  • My Apps has been given a unique designation.
  • The addition of a boot progress indicator for system updates.
  • Visibilty of battery power indicator for the Xbox One controller.
  • The ability to use USB keyboards.
  • Option to delete game, and application saved data.
  • Improved installation, and DLC management.
  • Improved UI for accessing friends, achievements, messages, and party chat.
  • Game DVR app channel added to the Xbox One Guide.
  • Improved consistency of UX for update, and instal progress.
  • Improved NAT detection.
  • Network troubleshooter improvements.
  • Blu-ray quality improvements.
  • Overall performance, and stability improvements.

**After the installation of this update. You can see your controllers remaining charge, by pressing the Home button (Xbox Jewel) on your Xbox One controller.



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