Titanfall *Beta* Opens Up the Flood Gates To All Xbox One Users.



Have you been pulling your hair out? Have you been trying to get yourself one of those elusive Beta keys from Respawn Entertainment's upcoming juggernaut title, Titanfall? At first Beta keys were trickling out to individuals. Reports would arise in social networks here and here, about certain industry personalities presenting Beta keys now and again.

Today was a different story altogether. If you followed anybody in the industry who with Xbox, Respawn, and so on. You could not help but see the Titanfall Beta keys pouring out of their Twitter feeds. Before this outpouring of Beta keys there were several moments when the Titanfall servers went down. A few minutes for some, and a few hours for others.

Shortly there after the servers seemed to be in tip top shape, back up and running. It would appear with this recent announcement of opening up the Beta to all Xbox One users that Respawn, and M-soft have decided the servers are ready for an increase in stress. Looks as though they are in no way letting the launch of Titanfall, at present thier most coveted title, get botched. Hope you enjoy the Beta. As soon as you pry your hands away, come back here and share in the comments your favorite, and not so favorable Titanfall moments.

Vist Respawn's Titanfall forums to leave constructive feedback here.



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