The Last of Us: Left Behind Full Cinematic Opening Trailer


If you have not had the opportunity to play The Last of Us, wow! Just wow! What are you doing? The Last of Us is one, if not the pinnacle of the last generations contribution to the video game culture. It's by no means perfect. It has it's defects, flaws, and the occasional “this is bulls t!” moments; however, they pale immensely in comparison to the collective experience crafted within this modern day era's tale of humanity.

By all means do yourself a favor and at some point in your either “very” busy, very narrow, or unaware life get The Last of Us, and throw yourself at its mercy. I have no doubt that you will come to love the characters, their struggle, and the progression through their adversity. I know, I know, you can't please everyone all the time. Well to those people I say bah, humbug!

I'm very excited for this coming February the 14th, 2014. This is the set date for Naughtydog, the developers of the beauty that is The Last of Us, to release the first complementary, campaign DLC. In this content titled “Left Behind” we are sent back to the very beginning, or at least to where a pivotal event gets placed, and set into motion, driving the plot of what is one of the most engaging stories in all my time with video games (since the 80s).

Pre-order here for $14.99, or if you want it all, purchase their season pass for $19.99, then in addition to the “Left Behind” content you will have access to previously released content; such as, “Abandoned Territories” map pack, some bonus multiplayer accessories, as well as some single player attribute bonuses, and whatever else The Last of Us related, Naughtydog has in store for us.



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