Better Late Than Never; However, Better On Time Than Late

November 22nd 2013, a momentous day for several hundreds, of thousands, of people scattered across the globe. On this day Microsoft launched their newest console, the Xbox One to several markets worldwide. Leading up to this much anticipated event were several ad campaigns going about in the wild. One of them was the added incentive of a timed, exclusive, and limited content offered to “Day One” customers.

If you were one of the millions who purchased an Xbox One game included in the “Day One” campaign, then you'd be granted additional content for your “Day One” title. FORZA 5 added a car, Killer Instinct added some characters, and RYSE: Son of Rome added a multiplayer map with some character skins, etc.

I purchased RYSE: Son of Rome on the very first day at the release of the Xbox One, November 22nd of 2013. I purchased its digital version. Soon after it downloads I load it up, and look for the “Day One” promotional content offered. After seeing that the “Day One” content was blocked off to me I began to search further.

I searched the menus in the game for anything prompting about this content. Anything I could use to gain access to the advertised “Day One” content. No such luck. When I realized I was not provided with the content I tweeted several video game outlets, some with indirect ties to the Xbox division of Microsoft, and some directly employed within the Xbox division of Microsoft.

Here are the actual tweets:






@MajorNelson upholding tradition ignored me. @purexbox re-directed me to @XboxSupport, and @XboxSupport basically told me to go buy the game again, and this time in disk format. There had been no indication to my knowledge that the “Day One” promotional content was limited to a disc format of the “Day One” titles; however, I will give them the benefit of doubt.

There is a bright side to this. Two months, and two days after all this began I recieve an e-mail from Xbox 360 (I know. Shouldn't it be from Xbox One), stating the following:

The following day I receive a message via Xbox LIVE as so:

In this case late is definitely better than never. Then again, in this case you can say the same about being on time. It's better than being late. I'm not going to deny my appreciation for Xbox 360 rectifying the issue. Indeed let me take this time and give my thanks as well as my appreciation for their decision to provide me with the content, and ultimately demonstrate they value their costomers. Thank you guys/gals. I look foreward to this continued level, if not an increased level of superior corporate, customer relations for years to come.

Keep your eyes peeled. If you have been through the same, or a similar experience as mine. You may be receiving one of these messages soon. Either via e-mail, or Xbox LIVE.


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