Xbox One Accessories Get A Titan SKU

With just about 2 months until EA's Titanfall drops onto retail, and digital stores. Microsoft's Xbox design team joined in a collaborative effort with Respawn Entertainment's art department, fashioned this generation's first commemorative accessory, and revealed it to the masses.

Designed by Respawn Entertainment, this custom Xbox One wireless controller had its inspiration from the C – 101 carbine. The choice weapon of the elite's IMC Titan pilots of the frontier. The result is nothing less than the happy marriage of form, design, and function.


Pre-order yours now, and have it in time with the release of Microsoft's next Titan exclusive, Titanfall. Available in the US March 11th, and in EU March 13th 2014.

I submitted my suggestion to Respawn, to have the controller given a name. I have yet to hear back from Respawn. By the way, I recommended it be called “The Wasp”.



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