He Returns… Exclusively On Xbox One!

UPDATE: Hours ago I revisited the teaser site dawnof2014.com and saw it had been updated. Unfortunately it appears to have been a hoax/scam, and the newly placed link on the site takes you to some ad for gaining likes and some other garbage.

I thought about uploading a pic to show what was revealed at the site, or suggest to you all that you should go and see for your self; however, I decided it to be more effective to not validate, and bring any more unmerited attention to the deceitful site.


Just a few minutes ago IGN's Xbox Guru, Mr. Ryan McCaffrey made an interesting tweet. Its contents consisted of the following:

Going to the site you will see a countdown winding down to this TUESDAY, the 31st of December. Otherwise known to the greater population of Earth, as New Years Eve. At first glance there isn't much about the site to salivate over. With the push given by Mr. McCaffrey suggesting a Halo 5 announcement, one may give in and draw up parallels.

Connecting what little details we've been shown of Halo 5 (provided within the 2013 E3 teaser trailer, presented by 343i). The only comparable aspect I can extract of what I've seen at the site dawnof2014.com, and of Halo 5 is the desert landscape. Which is shown both in the Halo 5 teaser trailer, and in this enigmatic site clearly showing the Xbox One logo.

It may, or may not be the case that Mr. McCaffrey is privy to information not known to the general populous (myself included of course). If this is so, I can not provide a legitimate counter argument to his hypothesized meaning behind the site's alluding message, and potential announcement. Although if this is not the case, and Mr. McCaffrey is not in possesion of exclusive information, then I can counter with at least one argument.

If you go to the site dawnof2014.com, and take a look at your windows tab. You will see a message which is also found in the title of this article; “He Returns… Exclusively On Xbox One!”. The message is nothing if not cryptic. Even so, the statement “he returns” is potentially revealing. There is only one Halo character that can muster excitement with his return, and in my humble opinion garner any attention from Microsoft's marketing department. This of course is the galactic hero Masterchief, Spartan 117.

CAUTION: Possible Halo 4 Spoilers Ahead!

However, nothing about Mastercheif's departure in Halo 4 emphasized any sort of angst. The chapter in the Halo story coverd in Halo 4 arrived to its conclusion with the decommission of Spartan 117, without conflict. He simply walks through a bay inside the frigate INFINITY, and enters a disassembly zone. Where robotic arms remove his armor, for reasons I can only extrapolate is to grant John, the name of the man inside the MJOLNIR armor, with much needed leisure from battle.

Yes, when inevitably the next chapter in Halo arrives, technically it will be his return. I just did not get the impression from the ending in Halo 4 to warrant such drama behind the return of Spartan 117. The emphasis I found in Halo 4's conclusion, greatly engulfed the thread concerning Cortana's character, but that would be a “she returns”, not “he returns”.

I provide no substitution guess to replace McCaffrey's. I will leave you with a task. What male video game character departure was so dramatic to warrant such hype for his return? What are your thoughts? Please share them with us down in the comments section. Hope you enjoyed this article. All will be answered soon enough. This Tuesday according to the Xbox One teaser site.



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