Titan Reveal (2013 VGX)

Announced via Spike TV's VGX, an event hosted by Gametrailer's Geoff Keighley, were two of the latest Titans to be unveiled by Respawn Entertainment; the developers of the upcoming Xbox One/PC/Xbox 360 only title Titanfall. The confirmed released date in the US for Titanfall is 2014 the 11th of March. The 13th for Europe, and Australia, and the 14th for the UK, and New Zealand.

Titan – Code Name: Ogre

The first of the two, newly revealed military grade mech models, is designated Ogre. A sluggish, yet powerful, and enduring Titan. The Ogre Titan is considered the tank of the Titans (aren't Titans walking tanks anyway?).

Titan – Code Name: Stryder

The agile, nimble, and swift model of the Titans is designated Stryder. Equipped with thrusters the Stryder can maneuver itself into a deadly position on slower, less capable Titans.


Co-Founder Vince Zampella has been on record in saying a beta for Titanfall is being considered.

For further information on Titanfall call 1-888-88Titan.

I personally am not fond of competitive multiplayer in video games. I'll wait and see until further developments before I make any permanent choices. For now I say give me a good single/cooperative campaign over competitive multiplayer any day.

I noticed this guy in the reveal trailer for the Titan Ogre.

This Titan model is designated Spectre.


A collector's edition has been confirmed details can be found below.



  • Exclusive Full-Size Schematic Poster of the Atlas Titan.
  • Exclusive Full-Size Hardcover Art Book.
  1. Featuring Over 190 Rare Concept Art.
  2. Variant Cover Exclusive to this Collector's Edition.
  • Titan Statue Diorama.
  1. Over 18″ Tall.
  2. Handcrafted.
  3. Over 300 Individual Parts.
  4. LED Lighting Effects.
  5. Each Titan Statue is Individually Numbered.



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