Some Familiar Faces Make Their Way To The PS4


Four of Playstation's best smaller games this generation, are headed onto their next generation, the Playstation 4. Do not be mistaken. This is one occasion where good things do come in small packages.

Flower is a soothing adventure like none before it. Ride the breeze through a variety of environments. Help bring life back into this world. There are no clear, and present enemies to find in Flower. The closest thing to an adversary in Flower would be a surprising gust of wind. I found Flower to be a relaxing game. Even meditative. Flower is landing this November, 15th on the PS Vita, and the PS4 platform running at a crisp 1080p, and 60fps.

Sound Shapes the highly praised, musical platformer from developing studio Queasy Games, is also hitting the PS4 launch line-up on November, 15th.

flOw will also be receiving a PS Vita, and PS4 make over. As was Flower, flOw was developed by Thatgamecompany. Their peaceful gameplay, and charmingly simplistic visual style of approach in their work are now known as staple's synonymous with Thatgamecompany. It was their life simulation flOw with which it started it all. flow is also going to be available for the PS Vita, and PS4 this coming November the 29th.

Escape Plan the puzzle game developed by Fun Bits Interactive with its dark humor, black & white chiaroscuro visuals, and highly regarded classical soundtrack is landing this November, 29th for the PS4.

Here are some happy notes.

  • These are all Cross-Buy games, meaning if you buy it once, you’ll be able to download it for free on any available system.
  • If you have purchased these games previously on the PlayStation Store, they will be available to you when they release on the PS4 or the PS Vita at no additional charge.



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