NaughtyDog’s Special Delivery

Moments ago, as I was swiping through my social media feeds. I came across a status update from developer NaughtyDog. The status update reached me via their google+ account. It shows 4 fully loaded pallets against a wall, in what I can only assume is NaughtyDog Studios hallway, maybe in their loading dock. Without reading the caption I immediately thought, hardware. Sure enough, it was. Approximately 125 PS4 dev kits is what you are looking at in the photograph.

The thought immediately hit me because not too long ago it was a photograph of several fully loaded pallets, of Xbox One's packaged and loaded into the back of a shipping truck. The images were uploaded onto google+ & twitter via Microsoft's Xbox brand spokesman Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's MajorNelson. I suppose this is the new trend. We should get used to seeing more photographs of company's products, uploaded onto social media sites?

What does it mean when a developer like NaughtyDog receives more than a 100 dev kits? And those dev kits are for a console generation that is not yet, but is soon to be upon us? I don't know, but in the hands of a developer such as NaughtyDog. I can only conclude greatness awaits.



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