inFamous Second Son has Received Pre-Order Bonuses From iam8bit, & Penny Arcade


inFamous Second Son will be developer SuckerPunch's third installment in the franchise. Second Son focuses on Delsin Rowe. A superhuman in a society that fears him, and others like him. Sought after by an oppressive organization known as the Department of Unified Protection. Delsin sets out to search the city for others like him in order to save those he loves from the D.U.P. Your choices in Second Son is said to change the future of everyone around him. So be careful what you do.


Pre-order inFamous Second Son

and get a voucher code

to unlock these exclusive in-game vests

designed by iam8bit, Penny Arcade and more.


Watch inFamous Second Son's taking control trailer below. Where we get an inside look as to what it took to bring Second Son and the PS4's new Dual Shock 4 controller together.


Didn't Jamie Griesemer

the current lead designer for SuckerPunch,

which is currently working on inFamous Second Son

work at BUNGiE. When BUNGiE was still making the Halos?

Small world.



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