GTA ONLINE: Official Gameplay Video

Similar to how ROCKSTAR's previous gameplay video ended, this one begins with a shot of a jet plane performing a flyby over Los Santos. Are you too lazy to steal your own virtual vehicle? Not a problem in Grand Theft Auto Online. You can hop on the back of a buddy's motorcycle and off you go. In a jam? Back against a wall? In GTA Online have others join and assist to get you out of a tight situation. As we're shown early in the video, where as one player is in his vehicle, and is involved in a high speed chase on the ground, with the local authorities. Down from above in the sky, swoops in a friendly, piloting a road clearing, missile firing helicopter, to aid you by blasting a clear path through the wall of gun baring officers, and their squad cars. In the first shot after the logo appears. We can see several different speedboat models, a small plane, and a submersible, zig and zag themselves across the screen. A clear indication of the broad scope traversing the map is provided to us in GTA Online.

This next thought is not my best, but one I will share with you none the less. ROCKSTAR has rarely shied away from controversy in their creative direction with story telling, or in their character and world building through out the GTA series. And why should the fifth in the series be any different. Some what 30 seconds into the video we're briefly introduced to a man in a wheelchair. Concisely described by the narrator as one of the numerous “personalities” within the game.

I don't ever remember ROCKSTAR having a physically challenged person represented in their GTA games. Why now after so many GTA releases? The issue is not that ROCKSTAR has included physically challenged people into Gran Theft Auto. I myself feel no different about GTA now, than I did before people of physical disabilities were included. I have my copy already pre-ordered, and I'm excited to get into GTA V, regardless.

Still, I am interested in seeing how far they will take it. We all know how ludicrous things can, and will get in GTA's worlds. Will our new “personality” (physically challenged people) just be the one; or will they be scattered across the game like any other person represented in GTA? If so. How long do you think it'll be before some one puts up a YouTube video of themselves head shooting, or carelessly barreling through the streets mowing down everything in his/her path. Plowing through pets, men, women, the elderly, and the handicapped?

All of which have been shown within various GTA V trailers. I have yet to have seen babies in any of the GTA V videos. ROCKSTAR has spared them from the carnage. For now {maniacal laugh}. You know, not long after the videos are up, that there will be those of us of whom, are of a more sensitive nature, or those of the media looking for a quick, and albeit a rather non-news story, and make it into a controversy. Just a thought. I myself am hopeful that no offense will come of these virtual freedoms. Regardless of how horrific their real life counter parts may be.

I get the idea it seems that strong holds can be made. This would be a great help as you and your team make a stand against attacking forces. How much of the strong hold is explorable is not shown. For instance, whether you can actually hold up inside buildings as well. Fortify their interiors, making it dangerous for those from the out side to get in and about the building you've managed to hold up in and defend. There have been small changes in the HUD, and the weapon wheel. The map is a square, has an X, Y, and Z axis to view roads and activity/interest indicators. Your health and armor indicators are now located just underneath the map. An upgrade indicator is present for your weapons. It's to the top, and inside middle of the weapon wheel. To the right we can see a description of the highlighted weapons capabilities.

Ever had that burning need to arm wrestle, but life just keeps making it to impractical to accomplish? GTA Online lets you realize your life's ambitions, that real life just won't allow. Dirt bike on top of mountainous terrain. To then ride your dirt bike over a cliff, then releasing your dirt bike several hundred feet in the air, to open your parachute, and glide blissfuly to the ground as you witness your $2,000 dirt bike engulfed in a plume of fire, smoke, and ash as it smashes into the ground in a billow of flames. Travel to, and from Los Santos by commercial airlines. Be the first to play, TSA: The video game in GTA Online (yet to be announced).

ROCKSTAR's emphasis for GTA Online has been opportunities. It's been made clear that money will allow you to purchase a variety of items this time around. Purchase everything from the weapons, vehicles, clothes, hair styles, tattoes, and homes. Weapons can be upgraded. Vehicles can be taken to a shop and custom designed (no examples are shown in the video however). Not feeling your hairdo? Head over to the barber shop, and select from various hair styles, and hair colors. Judging from the wording in the list of hair styles on the top left of the screen it seems that depending on which particular barber shop you enter, will also determines the skill of the barber, and hair styles available to you.

The one shown in the video is labeled to be a traditional barber. And at those prices I don't see how they can managed to keep the tradition going. Cornrolls and your choice of one out of five hair colors to choose from is selling for $120. Expensive. Did you notice that there are hair styles you need to unlock in order to apply them to your character? That's really lame ROCKSTAR. It's just your hairstyle. I can not believe that having all of the game hair style variations made available to the player at once will break the game in any way. Who walks in to a barber shop and gets rejected a hairstyle? Things a real life barber will never say: Sorry because you have not accomplished {arbitrary milestone/s} in your life I refuse to apply gel to your hair and comb it back.

After you get all trimmed up. You can visit your favorite Los Santos clothing store and release your fashion creativity. From the selections made available, pick and choose from what ever tops, and bottoms you favor. Hats, footwear, and accessories were not shown in this video as customizable. However, as with the barber shops, the clothing stores seem to vary as well, as to what styles their article of clothing they have are available in. The clothing store shown in the video is for suburban attire, as its labeled at the top, left of the screen, above the list of tops available.

Have you accumilated more money than you know what to do with? Need a place for all your clothes, weapons, and vehicles? In GTA Online you can purchase an apartment. To house all your worldly possessions. Invite friends over to your apartment. I can't be sure for what. The video doesn't go into what activities are available in apartments that you and friends can participate in. I saw a TV, a telescope, and seats. Can any of it be interacted with. I don't know, and I'm not sure I care to. It's possible more is available but nothing in this video shows the appeal to having your own virtual apartment and inviting friends over.

Outdoor activities were shown some more. Perform armed robberies. Anything from small time liquor stores stick ups. Up to grand scale bank heists with your crew; or would you prefer to just get together with some friends, and race each other? Get into your vehicle of choice, and whether its on the ground, in the air, or on water, there's a race to be had. Place checkpoints along whatever path you decide is best for the race you want. GTA Online will also offer death matches. You are able to manage death matches to your liking. Use their content creator to select what weapons, and vehicles you want in the map. Choose where on the map they should go. Again as with the full selections of content, that'll be at your disposal in GTA Online. there may be more that has not been shown in this video.

If you manage to create a something you're proud of. Then GTA Online allows you to share your creation with friends. Like what someone else has created? Then try out some races, and/or deathmatch map layouts made by others. ROCKSTAR has promised to continuously drop content for GTA Online. We've heard this before, although not from ROCKSTAR. If anyone can deliver on this promise I'd have to believe it's ROCKSTAR.

Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every retail copy of GTA: V, and launches Oct. 1st.

Pre-order your copy of GTA: V now, and get it Sept. 17th when it releases for PS3 and the Xbox 360.



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