Saints Row IV – War for Humanity

This video begins with what appears to be a Zen addressing everyone to surrender and if they do so. Then they may be rewarded. Did the Zen in the video sound eerily dignified, like a politician talking you into your own noose? As a reward for your surrender you get to be warden of simulation 31. What is simulation 31? And what's so good about being its warden? Are they suggesting that I can be converted into one of those supervillain Zen's called Warden at some point in Saints Row IV? Probably not. Would've been cool though.

Apparently simulation 31, if this is simulation 31 looks a lot like the 1950's. So you get captured at some point in Saints Row IV. As is suggested, from the way you're incased naked inside a containment pod of sorts. Again harking back to the movie The Matrix. The Saints Row IV trailer director for this trailer must've always wanted to be in film making drama, and never got the chance. Because he sure did give this trailer the drama movie trailer treatment.

In what seems to be to save humanity. The video introduces 5 characters that appear to be in your team. Could this be hints of co-op? Going by all the scenes in this trailer. It seems like you'll be decked out for the greater portion of this segment of gameplay, with nothing on but your birthday suit.

I get that Mass Effect feeling. The whole sci-fi action scene. The reddish hue in the environment. The dramatic leap off of the platform and into Keith David's hand, played by Keith Davids. Who also happened to have played Admiral David Anderson in Mass Effect. Where his character in that game also found himself saving the players life. Coincidentally as the player was also jumping off a platform in dramatic fashion, into his hands. By the way, that black hole in the middle of the street looks mighty, and dangerous. Not to mention awesome.




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