Saints Row IV – E3 Gameplay

The cutscenes at start of this video gives me that, I'm watching a T.V. program experience. A blend of West Wing, Veep, and a dash of movie spice, from some generic early 90's urban city gangster movie. I'm not fond of any of these individually per sè, but put them together and well, it grabs my attention. The White House has been through some interesting remodeling. The first two rooms are simple enough. Purple drapes on the windows. The purple flower arrangements. I'd say subtle. Was that a joint being passed around? A casino, with a scantily clad waitress?

Replace the morning cup of coffee with a shot of strong liquor. The police at this White House are underdressed, attractive, and at your service. But not quite as you'd expect. Let's see, add an unchained Tiger, a stripper pole, a stripper for the stripper pole, and casual alcoholic consumption In the White House hallways and you know all you need to know of the turn in which the country has taken. Oh, my mistake. Not the White House. The White Crib. The president, from what is suggested in the video, is not in his publics favor. But, then what president truly is?

Through out all of the gags, and shticks in Saint Row IV, I have to hand it to Volition, and Deep Silver the dialog is present. Cheesy, overly dramatic, filled with clichés, but damn is it fun. I don't much go for Zinyak's fashion, hospitalities, or policies, but oh boy does he know how to make an entrance. Zinyak is the leader of the Zen Empire. His humor is alien at times but through force, it wins you over. You might say it invades you. I don't see Zinyak necessarily as a warrior. Warriors don't usually sound like politicians. Then again this is Saints Row IV, and he is an alien race, not to mention fictional. The melding of brute, humor, and charm makes Zinyak quite fascinating to watch.

What's that on the picture frame as the president shoots his first Zen enemy? Looks like a grayish doll of sorts, with an image of a green skull behind it, on a black background? It may be nothing. It just captured my attention. Of course the White Crib has anti-air weaponry. The White House Turret. I know why call it the White House Turret. It should be the White Crib turret. Apparently this gun was assembled before they changed the White House name into the White Crib. I don't know. It doesn't have to make sense. Your the president, fighting an invading force of aliens in a red, white, and blue anti-air gun turret that rose up from under a secret compartment from within the lawn. Lets not get caught up in semantics.

Some new super powers please. Who can ever have enough of them? Am I right? Or am I right? This one is a two for the price of one kinda deal. Buff – is an inferno type power, igniting surrounding enemies into flames when they are within a near proximity from the player. Typical you might say. I did so as well when I first saw the super power. But there is more. When Buff is activated nearby enemies around you burst into flames, but what about those enemies too far.

Safe from the rising temperature disfiguring and robbing their victimized companions of their bodies much needed oxygen. Or are they? Safe. While still under the influence of your super power Buff, draw your side arm and extend some patriotic ballistic fireworks into distant enemies foolish to think they were safe. Each projectile fired out your side arm will be flame infused, or incindiary and will inflict fire damage onto enemies who've been shot.

In addition to Buff, the ability Stomp – is not your most creative or charming of super powers. It is basically the same as a previously shown ability Death from above – where when you are at a great height you can jump off from said height and as you fall through the air picking up speed, and kinetic energy, enough so that when you land your impact on the ground sends enemies up off the ground and away from the point of impact. Stomp is this without the need to fall from a great height. Just an instant, get away from me force.

The Blackhole launcher. Need I say more?

The light sword was bit underwhelming for my taste. Yes cosmetically it looks awesome. But I did not get any satisfaction from the cut animation when you take the light sword to the enemy and slash away at them. Clusters (crackdowns orbs, or Infamous shards) – scattered over the city they can be collected and are used to upgrade existing super powers. Blaze'm – is an activity found throughout the city where you are given a set time to reach your destination, all while collecting green speed burst orbs, and avoiding random fires in your path.

If you never quite mastered that game your psychologist put in front of you. Where you had to match the same objects, or fit shapes into their corresponding cut out on the wooden counter. Then Saint Row IV is the game for you. Professor Genki's Mind Over Murder activity is sure to sharpen your sense of shape and of matching. Feel free to prove your psychologist wrong, and show them who's the real sociopath. Good luck buddy. Hope you enjoy the video.







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