Kinect not Required

To no ones surprise Microsoft admits what we all already knew. Kinect is not necessary to play video games. Nor does it make it better. Kinect has sold very well. Its the one detail that kniect has going for it. Yet the kinect still has not grabbed any audience as of yet. The Kinect's best performance was in the dance genre of video games. With titles such as Dance Dance Revolution, and Dance Central.

This device started with a processor. Said to be needed because of how powerful it was. Having been said to track and distinguish each of your ten digits in your hand individually. The processor was later ripped out of the kinect and swept under the rug. Then the kinect was made an open source hardware for the PC. To supposedly give anyone the opportunity to be creative with the kinect. But why?

There are literally hundreds of highly educated, creative, and capable developers in the video game industry. Were they not creative enough? How can this be? Or is it the kinect that is lacking in creativity? It's been in the hands of developers going on three years this November. Kinect has been an open source in the public's hands going on two years. And still the kinect titles are scarce. No true innovations have been made.

It's not surprising when Microsoft announced that their next generation console, the Xbox One would require the new kinect to function that all hell broke loose. Microsoft has yet proved that the kinect needs to be in our living rooms. That our games need kinect functionality in order to give us the superior experience that only the kinect will provide us.

With all said, I'm hopeful for the Xbox One and the new kinect. And I say hopeful because to date Microsoft has not given me a reason why the new kinect needs to be in my home neither. Still I'm glad Microsoft confessed that the new kinect will not be required in order for the Xbox One to function. All this shuffling around makes Microsoft look as though they're not confident in their product. And Microsoft may have a good reason to feel this way. We will all know when the Xbox One, and the new Kinect hits store shelves this November.



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