Saints Row 4 – PAX East 2013 Demo

How awesome does the anti gravity zone look? With all the debris being lifted up off of the street pavement. Speaking on how awesome things look. I feel this video footage is not from a current gen console. I wouldn't say next gen either. I suspect PC build. I don't like how they do not tell us up front whether the video footage we're looking at is this gen console, next gen, or PC.

Alien invaders? This is Saints Row, right? Looks pretty sweet though. You're outfit is ridiculous. Mr. President. Butt fun. Comical dynamics, I.e. – Sliding under in-between legs ccok punch, then target was reverse cartooned flipped onto the pavement. Taunts are frequently featured through out this video. Toward the end of the video we get treated to the I know Kung-Fu, and I'm inviting you to fight taunt made famous by Keanu Reeves in his sci-fi, action, mind bender Matrix trilogy.

Weapons are unique in Saints Row 4. I cant help but think, Rachet and Clank when saying, and seeing something called the Inflato-Ray gun. All you need to know is aim, shoot, inflate, explode. The Dub-Step gun is the more light hearted of your arsenal that is shown in this video. Dub-Step gun all you need to know is aim, shoot, dub-step, block party. Nice 8-bit digitization effects on affected dub-step gun targets. Weapons seem to have infinite ammo. Of course this is a demo.

Wrestling moves are in. I guess? In several fight scenes we see our president square off against foes. And In a spectacular show of wrestlings more flashy styles. You may even recognise the player perform a few singnature moves belonging to one or more of your favorite wrestlers.

Vehicles obviously come in an outrageous variety, I.e. monster truck. This hefty monster of a truck is shown carelessly speeding over the many speed bumps (civilain motorist) in his path. There seems to be a meter, gauging how disruptive you are on the world. The screen shows a sort of multiplier, keeping count of destruction along your ride to your destination.

Weapon Customization – in addition to the usual increase damage, and reload speed. You may also add guided missiles, or disguise your missile launcher into a guitar case. A la extreme version of the guitar case gun in the 1995 movie Desperado. Behind the gun shops display counter you can see a few other guns for sale. Including the deadly super soaker. That should be interesting.

Hinted at in the beging of this article is the Alien race the Zen. Which may appear in combat by means of a portal and will begin possessing officers already in combat with you. Not much is said of these exotic visitors into our country. I don't think any conventional immigration reform will work this problem out. I suspect, and suggest a more direct, and brash approach may just do the trick. I mean violence. Lots, and lots of violence. Incase I was too suttle.

Mech Suit Mayhem – a mode you can activate around the city via neon blue holographic markers with a mechs image in its center. It has difficulty modes to choose from, and three levels of activity tiers. With your mechs ballistic fire gun, missile fire gun, and hovering abilities you can reach either bronze, silver, and gold tiers. Each with its own property damage goals to meet. From the clutter, and variety of markers in the quick reference map, of the area. Located at the bottom left of the screen I feel safe in saying Mech Suit Mayhem I will not be the only challenge activity found around the city.

And what open world, Government overrun, Dub-step dancing, alien invaded, game would be complete with out a superhero? Not only are you the commander in chief of the free world, but you're also their super hero. With speed run powers which also seems to give a tank like kinetic force enabling you to barrel through oncoming obstacles like, street lights, mail boxes, fire hydrants, vehicles, etc. Your velocity seems to have multiple ranges. From something like 60MPH to 80MPH to 100MPH at its max velocity. Which then either combines with a super jump ability or makes your normal jump super because of the rate at which you were running provided you the momentum to take off to heights not possible at average speeds. Whatever the case, your airborne leaping onto urban city rooftops, 20 to 30 floors up. Oh, and you have the obligatory squirrel glide ability. Who can forget that?

What's having super powers without being able to fight with super powers? Not very super, many would argue. Super power combat – There's a shockwave ability. After charge jumping high up into the air, a reticle appears for aiming, and you descend onto the ground releasing a shockwave damaging, and knocking down all in your radius. The melee combat gets embellished greatly to account for your super, superness. Not to be undone they've include a blast-power. This blast-power discharges a freeze projectile that which at contact freezes its target and everything in its blast radius as well. Setting up a one two combo if you choose to then speed run into your frozen victims. Resulting in the immediate, and explosive shattering of everything frozen in your path. Frozen vehicles can then be kicked, sliding into targets. Telekinesis makes its appearance. Lift people, vehicles, and hurl them away into the air, against walls, into each other. You get the idea.

All this power is just too good to be true. What no price to pay? No consequnces? No one to answer to? A resounding yes all around. The developers answer to your super powers is The Warden. A super powered version of the alien invader race, The Zen. Put into Saints Row 4 to provide the player with a challenge, in light of your newly acquired abilities. Looks sort of like an evil lava monster. Going by this video he may be introduced to the player as a sort of boss battle. That's the feel I received when looking at the video. Anyway enjoy.



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