Saints Row 4 – Hail to the Chief #1: Saints Force One

Clearly shown are the various, and outrageous costumes that are obviously not scarce in Saints Row 4. Is that a Zen costume on a user controlled player, or a bot just placed there for the purpose of being launched into the sky with the telekinesis ability? Wicked shorts by the way. Not awkward at all.

Keep watching till the very end. Volition, and Deep Silver just invented a new classic American past time.

Staying in line of tradition, but not to forget how far we've come as a society. Saints Row 4 Presents, The most extreme rendition of baseball to ever hit an open world near you. Taking liberties into my own hands, I call it Zenball.

Here are the rules:

1. Using telekinesis Grab a local Zen.

2. Hurl your local Zen of choice through the air.

3. Have an awaiting 2nd player piloting a commercial jet, smack incoming Zen as hard as possible with the jets wing.

There you go. Courtesy of volition, and Deep Silver your new Independence Day past time.



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