Grand Theft MMO?

ROCKSTAR games has just announced an announcement for another announcement. For some time now its been speculated on what the online component for the next GTA V will encompass. Everything from a rinse and repeat of what ROCKSTAR games did with GTA IV. Or to go as far as making GTA V a form of hybrid massively multiplayer online game.

Now I must say. As soon as I saw the logo that has been plastered all over this GTA V ONLINE announcement, which will take place this Thursday August 15th, I immediately thought MMO. Not because I had any prior information leading me to this conclusion. I'm simply sharing my initial impression of the text style for the image ROCKSTAR has used.

I couldn't help but think MMO when as I read, Grand Theft Auto ONLINE. With the text, online, in all caps, in bold, and in its chosen position I saw a fair amount of similarities to how numerous MMO's before have used their logo text. Of course, and I must emphasize this is just my reactionary first thought when I saw the image.

This is what ROCKSTAR had to say concerning this coming announcement, Grand Theft Auto ONLINE on their site. Look for the world premiere of the official GTA Online Gameplay Video as well as coverage of first press previews here at the Newswire and at – this Thursday, August 15th.” Here's the link to that statement on ROCKSTAR's page.

Here are a few images from the last 18 seconds of the Official Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Video. Which gave us a sneak peek at their online component for GTA V.



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