To Headset, Or Not To Headset? That Is The Question.

If asked, Sony would answer “to headset.” 2013's E3 brought this to light as Sony revealed many of their PS4's details. Microsoft revealed many of their own details of their Xbox One. The one pertinent to this topic, is the exclusion of a headset. If Microsoft were to be asked then, it would be, “not to headset.” Microsoft had made it known that a headset would not be included with the console. Their reason? At the time, Xbox One's Kinect was said to be all you needed for your communication needs. And for some time Microsoft stuck to this idea, pushing their intentions with Kinect on the consumers.

This immediately left a bad taste in most of everyone's mouth. Many vocal consumers, and video game media vocals brought to mind how clumsy using the mic of the current Kinect is in everyday scenarios, where communication is involved. In many instances noises in someone's home would be clearly brought through the Kinects mic. Noises the other party at the other end of the communication could do without.

Another concern pointed out was what to do about the dialog coming into your home. One example given is common to any of whom have played an online multiplayer match. Because you are using your Kinect, if you wish to hear anything said within the match, you and any one in your TV's, or home theatre's speakers range would also have to hear the profanity, threats, and slurs shouted at the top of the other online players lungs.

Some time pasts and Microsoft soon stumbles again. They reveal the Xbox One's accessories. Announcing the availability of a seperately sold headset and its price of $25. The first thought on every ones mind quickly became apparent. If Microsoft is not going to include a headset with their console because the Xbox One's Kinect is so good. Then why make a headset available for the consumer? A headset that was advertised by Microsoft as an accessory not to be without. What happend to the all powerful Kinect they so adamantly insisted be your one communication accessory?

Soon after the Microsoft's announcement of their Xbox One's $25 seperately available headset. There were reports on several video game media outlets of Microsoft's reversal in their stance on the inclusion of headsets with their Xbox One console. But those reports were soon redacted and emphasized as only rumor. Well low and behold. They weren't just rumors after all. And now this makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

Take a look below an unboxing video starring Microsoft's very own Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson. As he puts on display for all to see the contents that are included with the Xbox One's day one, and standard console. And as a treat the Major powers on the Xbox One, and what do you know? It makes a quite pleasant sound when powering on. Take a look.



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