S.D.C.C. – Strider – Announce Trailer / Gameplay Trailer

Almost 3000 miles away. There is the mother of all conventions taking place. Its that time of year. Movie studios reveal their upcoming projects. Media outlets representatives swarm the scene for coverage. The fan gets dressed. Either in a labor of love costume, or comfortably. To stand in line for hours. Over, and over again. To meet their childhood heroes. Their teenage role models. In hopes to layer in a depth of realism. To their adolescent fantasies, and guardian imaginations.

It's the 2013 San Diego's Comic Convention. CAPCOM a publisher/developer for many classic and current popular video games. Is indeed at this years S.D.C.C. And has brought a treat to the video gamers of the 1980's. CAPCOM has exhibited the announce trailer to Strider remastered in HD. Watch the announce trailer below.

Strider – Announce Trailer

The original Strider was not entirely an instant success. As contrary to what is perceived of the Nintendo/Sega era of gaming. It was not all Mario, Metroid, and Zelda games all the time. The early years of video games was littered with less than par software. Many that for whatever the reason, fell to the wayside. And I'd say Strider was somewhere in the middle. Not as widely memorable as Shinobi, or Ninja Gaiden. Yet memorable none the less. I played this game so much. It was a truly epic action game. I remember feeling like such a high octane, badass ninja. Throughout most of Strider.

Looking through the Strider announce trailer. I saw several moments I can recall from my time with the original. CAPCOM has my attention. I hope to see Strider get the love it deserves. It's a 2014 release. Meaning along with a Steam, PS3, and Xbox 360 release. CAPCOM's 2014 Strider is also headed to the PS4, and the Xbox One. No price as of yet has been set. With at least a year to go until its release. There is sure to be more details to follow.

Strider – Gameplay Trailer

GENRE: Action Platformer

DEVELOPER: Double Helix







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