Watch_Dogs E3 2013

One E3 (E3 2012) ago Ubisoft's secret files were compromised and leaked online for the world to see. What exactly was it that we saw? Many say the start of the first of many experiences to come from the upcoming generation of video games, and I agree. To be clear, no there were no Ubisoft files compromised. I'm only keeping in line with the central theme in this open world, action-adventure, stealth video game, Watch_Dogs.

Watch_Dogs takes place in Chicago, Illinois several years into the near future. In Watch_Dogs' Chicago the city is fully networked and tied together via CtOS, the city's Central Operating System. CtOS monitors and controls almost every piece of the city's technology, together with storing key information on all of the city's residents.


This is our protagonist, not really the city's knight in shining armor by any stretch of the imagination. You will however be confronted with a number of opportunities to redeem yourself if you choose to do so. There will be many options around Chicago's dynamic crime ridden city. You may inflict your own version of justice through out the city's streets, or not. Know this, when you decide to vigilanty it up around Chicago, it can get ugly and fast. Dont assume because you are stopping a robbery, an assault, a murder, or any crime through out the city, that the prey, or victim will be grateful, or even aware that your interference is in their favor and that you mean them no harm. Just as the attacker may flee and create a world of trouble for you in their pursuit. Even after the assailant has fled, the victim could panic grab his or her mobile phone and dial for assistance from the Chicago P.D. You could even leave out the aggressor, and remove the victim from the scenerio and get yourself reported by a passerby who happen to be there at the time.


Aiden's attributes will encompass a skill tree method for upgrading. Navigational progression will carry out when you access specific grids. After successfully compromising key systems there will be more available to you in the city. Progression systems are also included for shooting, weapons, and technology. As you progress through side activities and story missions you will earn tech points which can be exchanged by means of a group named DEDSEC. And have your choice of new tech abilities to add to your armament of toys.


Mobile Companions: This new feature has been swiftly spreading throughout next gen titles. M.C. is where you can send a virtual S.O.S to any person connected to the internet via tablet and with access to the client server hosting your Watch_Dogs playthrough, i.e. PSN, Xbox LIVE, and STEAM services, etc. The M.C. can answer your call of distress and choose to join your playthrough and aid you through whatever obstacle you find yourself in. Of course, the M.C. can also choose to work against you, adding an adversarial layer on top of your current complication. This feature can sound awesome, or burdensome of course depending on what experience you are looking for in your playthrough. Ubisoft has to know how split down the middle this feature can be with gamers and must allow for the option to deactivate this mobile companion integrant. To my relief they are going to leave it in your hands to either opt in or out of the mobile companion aspect of Watch_Dogs.

Aside from the Mobile Companion multiplayer where the M.C. is only an ally or antagonistic force in your playthrough, there is also a multiplayer component where a player can be in control of a character in your playthrough and compete against you. To confirm, just as with the Mobile Companion multiplayer, you have to have had enabled this option in the first place in order for another player to engage you in this multiplayer mode. Someone can not help themselves to your game world. Although if you have started a playthrough where you have opened your Chicago up to other online players, then you may as well be on a mission with another real world player and you may not even know it, untill its too late. Sounds interesting for the gamer who is bored with defeating A.I. enemy after A.I. enemy, and is up for a new level of intelligence from his foe. A real world player with actual intelligence (hopefully).


There is something I want to bring up that I don't think anyone has mentioned as of yet. When you watch the E3 2013 gameplay demo, they begin with Aiden in a vehicle maneuvering the city streets avoiding Chicago P.D. There are Policemen in their helicopters shining their bright search lights down onto the city streets, alongside Policemen in their Police cars searching the streets. At first I thought nothing of it, then I realized. Ubisoft has brought us the next gen. Pac-Man. Aiden in his getaway car is of course Pac-Man, the Policemen in their helicoptors, using their search lights, and the policemen in their cars searching the streets are the Ghosts from PAC-Man. Then obviously the city streets are themselves the next gen version of Pac-Man's grid. Just something I thought of sharing with you. Try watching that beginning section of the Watch_Dogs E3 2013 gameplay demo (below) and I dare you not to find the eerie similarities.

Watch_Dogs E3 2013 Gameplay Demo



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