RYSE: Son of Rome E3 2013

Developed by Crytek, makers of the Far Cry video games and the Crysis series. RYSE: Son of Rome is an Xbox One exclusive and will be a Day One Launch title. You are Marius Titus, the protagonist in this story and General of the Roman army. Marius embarks on a quest to Britania in the name of honor, and revenge. Marius' duty is to restore honor to the Roman Empire, and his passion is to seek revenge on the barbarian bandits he witnessed murder his family. The events, and characters in RYSE are said to be fictional. So don't expect to be in the presence of Caesar, or Constantine. Alas, there is fact in the mix. Political factions, culture, and architecture are said to be accurate for the era.

So Glad This Did Not Survive in the Development of RYSE:SoR.

During Microsoft's E3 2013 media briefing, a live demonstration was performed in front of the video game starved crowd. Microsoft had left a bitter taste in everyone's mouth after their last industry show a little more than two weeks prior. As the demonstation unravelled, RYSE: Son of Rome looked gorgeous. Initially RYSE was announced and shown to be a full on Kinect title. Where your combat was performed in front of the Kinect camera's motion sensors, with specific gestures that translated into moves within the game. At the time Microsoft touted RYSE to be the Kinect game for the HARDCORE.

This is not the case anymore, and it seems that Kinect has taken the backseat as a means of input in RYSE: SoR. Although there will still be Kinect functionality, the only talk of such is where you can shout commands to your soldiers using the Kinects voice recognition tech. I can only speculate where this feature would be utilized in RYSE. For One, directing groups of your fellow soldiers each to key designated points where they would take control of, lets say a catapult. While you stay back and fend off the oncoming threat of foes advancing on your current location.

What I have described here is an actual sequence which takes place within the demo, but instead of barking orders at your Kinect, they've put in place a button prompt. Along the lines of, press LB button to command your troops to man the catapult.

If You Love the Program Spartacus for its Gratuitous Gore. You're Going to Love RYSE: Son of Rome.

A unique member in Crytek's development team specifically hired to work on RYSE: SoR, is a professional expert in Roman weaponry. Crytek with the help of the weapons expert have applied extensive data from historical accounts of Roman armory, and weaponry into RYSE. In addition, authentic techniques used by ancient Romans in combat, as well as simple, monotonous, basic everyday movements while clad in armor, have been thoughtfully implemented into RYSE to visualy immerse the player further. I hope this all translates into providing us, the audience and users with an unmatched balance between crisp character models and smooth, responsive character animation.

There have been some of whom have expressed skepticism in the games combat. I myself have to admit that while watching RYSE's gameplay reveal video. All I saw were maybe two or three slashes from the player, at any given encounter, leading into a QTC. The live demo showed little depth to the combat in RYSE. These concerns were brought to the attention of a rep for Crytek's RYSE: SoR at E3 on the showroom floor, and he elaborated in some fashion. He talks about a fighting mechanic called mashing the mastery. This is where you string together your attacks in a measured sequence, and if successfully administered you will unlock an escalating series of greater attacks.

Another feature displayed at Microsoft's E3 2013 media brieing for RYSE: SoR was Smartglass. Remember this app? It brings along with it the potential to augment the user experience via moble devices, i.e. smartphones, and tablets. I'm hoping what that eventualy means is that it will add to the gaming experience in a meaningful way for the player. RYSE is taking a shot at this. You can access your Ryse timeline via tablet as it was shown during the live demo to see real time stats, and your campaign progression. Which includes in-game collectables, as well as Easter eggs throughout your playthrough. And If you wish to find your Xbox LIVE friends and compare your stats with theirs? Smartglass will put these tasks literaly within your hands by using your Smartglass enabled smartphone, and, or tablet.

See the E3 2013 Gameplay Reveal Video for the Xbox One Exclusive RYSE: Son of Rome


GENRE: Lone Wolf Action Adventure Game


PUBLISHER: Microsoft Studios

RELEASE DATE: November, 2013

MSRP: $59.99




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