Dying Light

This new IP (intellectual property) is from developer studio Techland. The makers of Call of Juarez (2006), and its sequel Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (2009). Two well received western themed games. Most recently Techland is responsible for the zombie brawler, Dead Island (2011), and its sequel Dead Island: Riptide (2013). Which in Techland's pre-release campaign for Dead Island, received strong criticism for the moral ambiguity audiences experienced after watching its reveal trailer (see for your self).

Techland is back and swinging, ready to enter the eighth generation cycle of video game consoles with their latest video game, Dying Light. This is a first person shooter, zombie Apocalypse, survival horror, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. There seems to be elements of parkour, and customizable weapons (i.e. the electrified pipe wrench).

It has been said Dying Light is a single player experience, but I could not help to get a drop-in, drop-out cooperative feel to the game. As they show you working in one group, then at a later point in the chase you get separated, and encounter another survivor, for with whom you seem to pair-up with. Until his untimely death and your alone again.

After of which I would say an element of competitive multiplayer is demonstrated as well. Just as our lead survivor reaches the supplies on the roof and takes in a short lived moment of victory, a second survivor comes into the shot and takes him down with a powerful blow from a bat to his head. Then again its just a pre-rendered trailer. Those scenes may have been included only for dramatical effect and not been eluding to elements within the titles gameplay. Watch below, enjoy.

GENRE: Survivor Horror


PUBLISHER: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment



RATING: (M) Mature



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