DuckTales Remastered – The Amazon

Yes! DuckTales is once again entering our lives and better than ever. Japanese developer Capcom had been involved in on, and off again talks with Disney which began back in 2010. I'm happy to say these talks have bared fruit and in our favor I might add.

DuckTales -Remastered- is developed by WayForward Studios, notably the same studio which received decent reviews in their last attempt at an 80s video game remastering. WayForward made an attempt at a revival for Double Dragon, with Double Dragon: Neon which lead to some respectable reviews from several video game critics, such as:

  • Ray Carsillo / EGM / Double Dragon: Neon is still a ton of fun.” / Sept. 11, 2012
  • Bryan Vore / gameinformer / Neon is full of moments that will elicit fist pumps and laughter” / Sept. 11, 2012

To add perspective I'll throw in a not so favorable review:

  • Mytch Dyer / IGN / “Double Dragon: Neon is the embodiment of what’s wrong with HD remakes.” / Sept. 11, 2012

Definitely some pleasant reviews and some not so, but over all WayForward has been reliable remastering our childhood. In addition Christian Svensson, corporate officer/senior vice-president at Capcom confirmed that all of the original Disney cartoon DuckTales voice actors are returning to reprise their roles in Capcom's remastered edition. Although no specific release date has been confirmed as of now, we can expect DuckTales this summer 2013.

GENRE: Action Platformer

DEVELOPER: Capcom / WayForward


RELEASE DATE: Summer 2013


RATING: Pending



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