Remember Me – Live Action Trailer

Don't forget that this Tuesday the 4th of June is when video game Remember Me gets released. Set in the year 2084, in a futuristic version of Paris called Neo-Paris. You are Nilin, an on the run former employee of a Paris corporation named Mesmerize, for whom which you would conduct the task of hunting memories. Nilin has a unique skill specializing in stealing, or altering memories.

In a twist of irony Nilin's memories get wiped by her employers. Nilin now is hell bent on recovering her identity, memories, and bringing down the corrupt Mesmerize corporation. Remember Me is Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, and published by CAPCOM.

Don't miss out. You can unlock unique Remember Me content. At the end of the live action trailer you're given a choice, to either pre-order the game or see the full story. I recommend seeing the whole story.

NOTE: If you are using an iOS device to see this article. With this link you will be able to access Antoine's Journal (The full story). Antoine's Journal is other wise unaccessible via an iOS device.

Once you begin into Antoine's Journal, which are the personal accounts recorded by Antoine Cartier-Wells, founder of the Paris based corporation known as Mesmorize. You will be taken through a series of videos, audio cues, and texts organised as a time line. Escalating through the events prior and leading into the time roughly around where the game will begin.

During your progression along Antoine's Journal there will be four challenges to complete. Which in turn will unlock memories of which there are four altogether. You will need to unlock all four memories in order to access your unique Remember Me content. The order and a description of the challenges you will encounter can be found below.



Move the horse to the position at the end of two spaces forward and one space left. As seen in the following picture.



Move the picture of Molly into the photo album's empty slot in the lower left.


Open the text window by interacting with the + on the left side of the words UPDATE STATUS on the top left of the message window. Then interact with the with the post button on the lower right of the now open text window.


Listen to the audio logs in their entirety (you will know you've done so when they remain filled in a tangerine color) and in this order. As they are numbered the combination is #1, #3, #6, and #4. After listening to the audio logs in the correct sequence you will be prompted to download your content and to continue. Congratulations!



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