Castle of Illusion: Behind the Scenes – Part 1

I have the fondest memories of playing Castle of Illusions. Growing up I had many of the classics, but none were like Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. I can remember Castle of Illusion being simply amazing. Its level design, brilliant. Each level literally filled to the brim, saturated with atmosphere. Intricate in design and distinct from stage to stage throughout Mickey's journey. The soundtrack presented an added immersion to the already captivating level design, and a persistent visual fidelity for it's time left me thoroughly engulfed for hours on end.

In this behind the scenes video for the re-mastered edition of Castle of Illusion, the main contributing members of the development team get together to rehash the magic of the original and sooth your concerns on the upcoming re-mastered Castle of Illusion. Incuding staff of whom worked on the original Castle of Illusion. Staff members such as Game Director Emiko Yamamoto, and Art Director Takashi Yuda. Enjoy.




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