The Last of Us Dev Series Episode 3: Death & Choices

In this latest episode titled Death & Choice there is a focus on creating the tone through out the games play through experience. Bruce Straley, the game director for The Last of Us says there will be an emphasis on contrast between the “negative” space (scavenging, and exploration in the game) and the “high” tension spikes (the combat encounters in the game).

Ricky Cambier, a game designer for The Last of Us defines in this episode the choices offered in the game to the gamer as coming down to making resources scarce, to the point where the player is encouraged to decide whether or not to scavenge for items.

Neil Druckmann, the creative director for The Last of Us shares with us his revelation on instilling purpose to the exploration segments in the The Last of Us. This purpose is conveyed only to come around full circle back to scavenging for supplies. Following we hear from the games lead designer, Jacob Minkoff explaining to us how scavenged items, i.e. rags, bladed fragments, alchohol, etc. can be crafted into make shift items. All to help you in your survival.

Benson Russell, the The Last of Us senior game designer reiterates on the choice offered to the player. He illustrates how scavenged items may facilitate the fashioning of multiple items. Therefore the choice falling on the player whether to use scavenged rags & alchohol for a Molotov (offensive approach), or a med kit (defensive approach). The examples continue further through the Vidoc.

Ricky Cambier presents a different approach on using your scavenged items. Revealed a depth for the offensive choice where now these gathered nails, strips of bandage, and so on can be implemented as the upgrade system for your weapon inventory. For example a fragmented stick of wood acquired through out your no mans land excursion can be combined with the afore mentioned nails & bandages to add a degree of savagery as well as effectiveness to the combat.

A demo of The Last of Us can be played in 5 days (Thursday May, 30th) via your God of War: Acsension disc.

The full video is below. Watch and enjoy further details of Death & Choices.



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