Quantum Break

At the Xbox ONE reveal event a Remedy Games new IP called Quantum Break was shown. The teaser commences in a live action scene with a creepy child named Patton asking a (what I would speculate to be a very tense federal officer) women if where they are going is safe. You can't help but feel uneasy, and again I will emphasize you feel very creeped out by this unsettling little girl, holding her teddy. I would even feel confident saying holding her teddy against its will. Really, Patton is intense.

Soon before they part ways the “Officer” asks Patton what makes her so different. Patton extends her right arm and touches the “Officer” from what looks like, behind her left ear and similar to a Vulcan mind meld a shared experience takes place. The live action stops and now we're shown a pre-rendered scene of a large tanker affected by an unknown pulse distortion moving along a river headed directly toward an over water bridge. The distortion occurs once more (almost like when you lag in an online line game and instantly find yourself jumping positions on screen) putting the tanker in an unavoidable collision with the bridge.

Time seems to slow down, and at later scenes in the teaser even stop. Hence the Quantum in the title. I suppose the Break portion of this equation is what we the player will be investigating through out the game. I say investigating only because the teaser left me with that tone. Everything was vague, with very little context, and mysterious. Even the “Officer” mentioned from the beggining of the teaser is reaching for some answers, when she asks Patton what makes her so different.

This teaser even has at least one Easter egg in it. Toward the end of the trailer when there's shattered glass. If you look to the mid upper right of the screen you can see a broken glass shard in what seems to be a butterfly. I believe referencing the scientific theory of the buttferfly effect concerning time.

Please see the teaser right below.

Screenshots below.



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