Ryan McCaffrey’s Nefarious Tweet.

Just minutes ago I scrolled through my twitter feed to see a peculiar tweet from IGN's Ryan McCaffrey, executive editor of all things Xbox, formerly of Official Xbox Magazine for a slice more than 10 years, where Ryan McCaffrey also centered himself amongst everything Xbox. You can say Ryan McCaffrey has been around the block. And around, and around, and, okay I'll stop. You get the picture. He has been covering not just the gaming industry as a whole, but primarily the Xbox since nearly its start into the gaming industry.

Below you can see the tweet Mr. McCaffrey posted, and the replies posted by several of his followers.

117 Is the number designated to the MasterChief in the Halo series.

One can easily take his recent tweet concerning Microsoft's upcoming #XboxReveal press only event this coming May the 21st just 5 days from now, as a coy. Obviously as seen by the tweets his followers have left, there is an accord with the connection inferred where as, an announcement regarding the Halo franchise will be revealed at the soon #XboxReveal event. Or maybe the connection between Halo and the #XboxReveal are merely in the minds of the hopeful and not found directly, indirectly, or otherwise within Mr. McCaffrey's tweet?



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