Remember Me – Memory Trailer

UPDATE: Remeber Me – Pre-Order Incentives – Combo Lab Pack Trailer

A few notes from my 15 minutes of hands on time with Remember Me at Pax East 2013. As the demo began I thought of a gamer I know and something he once said to me. I'm going to paraphrase what he said to me: I hate when a game holds your hand.

By this he means guiding trails, waypoints, Collectables that shine to make themselves obvious to the player, and highlighted objects which give away the location of destinations, Collectables, and objects you can interact with.

Thinking he might not be the only one who considers this, as soon as I was given control of Nilan, Remember Me's protagonist, I went into the settings to try and disable the HUD (Heads Up Display), or at the very least to adjust the settings to the HUD.

I remind you this was the demo and does not reflect the final version, and unfortunately I found no option in the demo to disable or adjust the HUD. If this is a deal breaker for you, I'm greatly disparaged. I can not be certain until I complete the game, however; I hope judgements are not passed hastily and Remember Me is given its fair shake.

One more tid-bit, and this is reguarding a minor latency during combat. From the time you press the buttons to initiate and execute the combos, to the time the on screen button map reflects the buttons pressed there is a minor delay.

I will not say the latency ruined the gameplay. Keep in mind I went into the hands on demo of Remember Me with a critical eye, and it was barely noticable. I merely mention my experience as it occurred. Regardless of the latency, I found my 15 minutes with Remember Me to be a fun and intriguing world to explore, traverse, and engage in combat.

I know I can not wait to see if the positive impressions I was left with from my time with it at this years Pax East will be validated when I buy, and complete my copy of Remember Me.

In the video below creative director Jean-Maxime Moris talks about Remember Me's central theme – memories – and how they shape the world of 2084.



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