GTA V – Trevor | Franklin | Michael Trailer

On April 30th ROCKSTAR Games released their latest set of trailers for their upcoming AAA Blockbuster title Grand Theft Auto V. At the time although Grand Theft Auto IV sold exceptionally well, the word in the virtual streets was about how un appealing GTA's characters had become, most of all the protagonist. ROCKSTAR seemed to have exhausted their knack at character development. Grand Theft V is said to do away with the hypocrisy which has plagued Grand Theft's protagonists through out the series according to many gamers, and I can see how gamers could arrive to this conclusion.

In the GTA games for the most part the protagonist is reformed, done away with a less than respectable life, following an unwavering path on the straight and narrow, or so we're lead to believe this is the case. Lets be honest, who wants to play that game? Not many. You don't play a Grand Theft Auto game to be a goody two shoes who turns the other cheek, bites his tongue, and runs away to fight another day. It's never been the case. Its quite the contrary, from the moment the first trailer of most GTA's hit the web we're presented with salacity, explitives, gunplay, and explosions.

Conflict inexorably leads the protagonist back head first into the life he has sworn to give up. A feign attempt to provide us with the perception of the protagonist under going a moral conflict. Gamers have made it clear this approach has run thin becoming transparent, and a paltry attempt. ROCKSTAR's answer surrounding this hypocrisy seems to be an enticing one. To give us three protagonist intead of just the one. ROCKSTAR reports all three will be interchangeable in the free roam portions in between missions as well as during the missions themselves.



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