As of recent the soon to be #XboxReveal has headlined all over video game media. On May, 21st of this year Microsoft is having an invite only press event held on the Xbox Campus in Redmond, WA. The event as its being promoted via Email, Facebook, and a bevy of other social sites is to take place at 10am PDT (1pm EST.) live via Xbox Live, Xbox.com, and Spike TV.

Stated in the announcement email sent out for the #XboxReveal is the mention of a new generation of games, TV, and entertainment. I expect there to be a sampler platter of next gen games to be announced at the reveal event with possibly a few short sizzle reels. I don't expect any gameplay to be shown (this does not mean I don't want to be wrong because I do). Microsoft made it known how they're excited to present the “real” next generation to us this May the 21st, but Microsoft went on to comment most of their game reveals would be held until 19 days after the invite only press event landing squarely on the video game industries coup de gras, the Electronic Entertainment Exposition.

When we speculate what Microsoft means by the next generation of TV (and we'll get to entertainment next) maybe we can stew into the rumor of the next Xbox to include an integration with your cable TV via an HDMI output. Your Xbox would be your go to device when searching, sharing, interacting, and watching all television programming. Then when TV has either bored you or you need distraction from commercials, or some other un appealing content on the TV you could be able to either switch feeds completely into the next Xbox's Dashboard, video chat function, one of your favorite games, or seamlessly return to a game in progress. Then there's the picture in picture between inputs. Perhaps it's none of the above and what M soft is leading into with their next generation of TV comment are improved streaming of content, and new content provider partners.

Moving on I'll kick around what Microsoft may have been communicating with their next generation of entertainment comment. “Entertainment” could be Microsoft reiterating the scope of their objective in dominating where you go to get your entertainment. Sort of like saying etcetera. And just what is being referred to when M soft says the next generation of entertainment? M soft has already mentioned their entertainment involving games and their entertainment involving TV would be topics discussed at their #XboxReveal. What's left in entertainment which is not covered by games and TV? Social network entertainment? Movie entertainment? Or a new push into their music entertainment services? Maybe all of the above.

One thing I can say without a shadow of a doubt is how off M soft's decision is to hold their May 21st invite only press event #XboxReveal at 10am PDT (1pm EST). Who is their target audience? It's obvious they want an audience or why else would they bother to advertise the announcement on their Xbox.com site, Xbox Live service, social networking sites, and by E-mail. M soft emphasizing the event to be LIVE! Viewable through Xbox.com, Xbox Live, and Spike TV, for whom? Its a weekday, Kids are at school, teenagers are as well, and adults are working. Is M soft encouraging kids, and teenagers to miss school? Adults to call off of work, or worst sneak watch the event at the risk of being reprimanded for negligent behavior, participating in non-work related activity during working hours? What gives?

I know I do not have to watch the event and can just carry out my work day, fullfilling my work duties as usual. The kids and teenagers can miss the event as well, and attend school as they should. Then if the kids, teenagers, and adults are not M soft's audience because they are in school, or work, then who is left to be their audience? Who knows? Because I don't. I am excited to see and hear all the news to come from M soft of their #XboxReveal this 21st of May at 10PDT (1pm EST) through Xbox.com, Xbox Live, and Spike TV.



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  1. Ronny Bryant says:

    Maybe, just maybe, their target audience IS the press AND everyone else. What if you were waiting all month for some news to drop, but you couldn’t hear it firsthand because you had to be somewhere. So all day long everyone that WAS supposed to hear the news firsthand is now talking about it and that’s all they are talking about all day long.

    And then, you finally get the chance to catch up and find out all this information later in the evening – now… all night long YOU and your friends are talking about it, well into the next day.

    I am certain everyone that is interested, will get the news – one way or another, regardless of who the intended target audience is 🙂

    1. Hello Ronnie. Hope all is well. I think it’s a jerk move on M soft’s part.

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