Pax East 2013

Hello everyone. Hope all is well. Pax East 2013 came and went too fast for me. It’s my candy store, cavities be damned. I could not have had a better time. Pax East 2013 had plenty to keep you foaming at the mouth. From Table Top Games like
MAGIC The Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons. Video Games like Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, WatchDogs, Saints Row 4, The Last Of Us, and many more. Pax is also about panels with creative talents such as 2k’s Bioshock Infinite’s creator Ken Levine. Live podcasts recordings with familiar faces from your favorite gaming website such as, Xbox’s Major Nelson or IGN’s GameScoop cast. Gaming rooms housing many classic consoles with your video game favorites such as Fatal Fury, Outrun, Q-bert, and more. All at your disposal. Not to mention the concerts. Oh my…! Live performances by V.G.O. (Video Game Orchestra), Mc. Frontalot, and more. If you like video games, tabletop games, or anything else falling into, or around these categories you are going to love Pax. It would be a vile disservice to yourself to miss such an event.

Click here to view Pax East 2013 pics and vids.


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