Best Buy Pre-Order Debacle.., And How Best Buy Did Right By It’s Customers.

As of recent there has been some turmoil, concerning the many video game pre-orders arbitrarily canceled, placed through major electronics retailer Best Buy. Myself a Best Buy customer, with several video games pre-ordered at Best Buy, received an email from them addressing the matter of the unauthorized, and unexpected cancelations. For some reason the only game associated with this mishap seems to be 2K’s Bioshock: Infinite.

I was affected by Best Buy’s mishandle of pre-orders as well. But it was not for Bioshock: Infinite. And it was not just to one of my pre-orders either. I had two of my pre-orders botched. One was EA’s Dead Space 3, and the other is SquareEnix’s Tomb Raider the Collector’s Edition. After several phone calls to customer support at Best Buy’s corporate offices. The issue, with the assistance of the two most diligent Best Buy employees ever, got solved.20130207-192501.jpg

There were times I did not see it going very well. I did not allow for it to end on such unproductive terms. And I advise you if you run into some trouble with any retailer. If you get placed with a customer support agent whom does not present you with the assistance you deserve. Do not stop there. Call back and speak to another agent. The next agent is an entirely different person who may not be so dismissive, or uncooperative with your concerns. You may have to request for a supervisor to assist you further. Go ahead.

The pic below is a screen grab from my iPad of the email I received from Best Buy mentioned in the first paragraph of this writing.

It seems to be believed that this email is stating I will receive my Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition including an expedited delivery entirely free of charge. I myself would like nothing more than this to be what the email is communicating. I am not sure that is the case. It could easily be reassuring me that I will be receiving my Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition and that the expedited delivery and only the expedited delivery is what they are providing free of charge. Time will tell.

As for my Dead Space 3 botched pre-order. Best Buy discounted it by $10 bringing it’s price down to $49, and they have mailed me a $20 gift card for the inconvenience incurred from this pre-order ordeal. Yes that’s in addition to possibly being compensated the entire cost of my Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition, a suggested retail price of $99. Best Buy has done right by me to date. Thank you Best Buy, keep it up.


Best Buy has indeed compensated me the entire cost of my collectors edition Tomb Raider. In other words Best Buy has purchased Tomb Raider the collectors edition for me. Yes. It’s as sweet as it sounds. Best Buy you guys are alright with me. Thank you, and I look forward to doing business with you again.



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