Dead Space 3 (Xbox360 Single Player Demo Impressions)

I must say it’s really simple. If you played any of the previous Dead Space installments, then you will find the demo for Dead Space 3 to put you in familiar grounds. The art, sounds, mechanics, and the combat hit trite and true putting you right back into the series. Visual improvements are noticeable. The lighting is amazing. A nice touch is how the light emitted from your visor reflects off of surfaces as you pass them by. The overall look of the animation is tightly knit. The workbench is back with an all new name I couldn’t bother to remember. I will say there are many creation and upgrade combinations to fiddle with. The workbench can be a bit daunting at first. I don’t see how it should be too long before you go to town having fully grasped the weapon creation and upgrade system.

There are a few things you may bump into when getting your feel for the demo. The right thumb stick button is in addition to providing some guidance by click and holding the thumb stick down, is now also the newly implemented crouch command by clicking down the thumb stick once to crouch, and again to stand upright. I cant think of how useful or meaningful the crouch action will be in Dead Space 3. It’s not even a full crouch. I suppose we will see in the full version, because I found no reason for the crouch command within its demo. Then there is this section in the demo where you get introduced to a new strategy of attack from the necromorphs. I’m walking through this cave in the snow covered planet. When necromorphs come up from the snow. Just sprout right up from under the snow. No tension is built up or context given to at least provide some credence to why there are necromorphs just laying under the snow waiting for you to pass by. I found this lazy and uninspired. One last nit pick is the way the character walks. It’s a tad floaty, when compared to Dead Space 1 and 2. You feel a little bit like your ice skating. Just a little bit.

For the yet to be Dead Space fan for whom Dead Space 3 is their first journey into the maddening universe. Go out and buy Dead Space 1 and 2. You are not going to regret it. They are amazing adventures. If you insist on Dead Space 3 to be your genesis into the series. Going by the demo and previous installments. I see no reason for you to dislike what visceral studios, developers of all the Dead Space series have done with Dead Space 3. Going on only my experience with the demo of course. Dead Space 3 is set to be released on the 5th of February, 2013.

Link to pre order Visceral studios Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition from their site.20130124-002605.jpg

NOTE: Playing Mass Effect 3 (and keeping your save) prior to Dead Space 3 earns you a Mass Effect 3 N7 armor unlock for your character in Dead Space 3. Below is a picture of what the grey and red N7 outfit will look like.



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