Could Dubai Be The Next Locale For A Metal Gear Game?

KONAMI’s Hideo Kojima creator of the Metal Gear games has been tweeting pics of his visit to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower. Is it simply a stop in their marketing tour for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? Maybe an innocent public relations event for its Metal Gear franchise 25th anniversary? Or could Kojima be hitting 3 birds with one stone and in addition conducting on site location research to be implemented into a property still in it’s development stage. Yes, research can be done from a book, a computer, or a third party source on location. All are good ways to collect data about an environment, if your projects budget is low and your goal is cost efficiency. Or if the stage your building for your game’s environment is physically no longer available in the real world. For example, the real world location you want in your game was destroyed hundreds of years ago by a volcanic explosion leaving it buried under tons of earth, or swallowed up by a catastrophic earthquake, etc. Rendering that location physically unreachable. All good reasons to rely on scholarly, and documented data.


But Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower is very much available in the real world. The meticulous Mr. Kojima would not have it any other way if he can help it, than to gather the data for one of his games first hand. Preserving as much of the authenticity of the locale into his game as much as humanly possible. Pictures of Mr. Kojima from his twitter feed showed Mr. Kojima at a booth signing, clearly marked for the upcoming title Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. But I Don’t buy it. That area of Dubai where Kojima is located throughout the pictures I presume are very expensive. I mean VERY, VERY expensive. The cheapest hotel room in the Burj Khalifa tower can run you several million dollars to stay. Yes. That’s a night. With that in mind consider the additional cost of travel to, from, and within Dubai. Renting the space, equipment, man hours for the booth signing, several press event interviews, and the fire show after. The budget has to be through the roof. And all that only for a game that is a mere month away from release? Seems a little late in the marketing cycle for such an investment.

It just doesn’t seem Konami would put up such large amounts of money for just PR on a game not even developed by them and so late in the marketing cycle. Even if it also happens to be their 25th anniversary with the Metal Gear series. Unless that investment were attached to a project that would make them a return to justify the expense. I don’t see Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance a title developed outside the company and not even using Kojima’s much trumpeted fox engine to be that game to warrant such a massive investment. Such a property has not proven itself to bring in sales.


My last thought on the matter is again back to my original focus. Where this is all taking place. Dubai. Has Dubai ever been a major video game factor? Whether its in video game sales, exhibitions, culture, or anything else video game related ever? Why does Konami see it fit to invest multimillion marketing dollars there? But then again I am on the outside of the fence outside of the inner wall around the epicenter of everything video game related. I get my video game related news just as you can. By reading the same articles made available to you as well as everyone else. This is just a thought I had into Hideo Kojima’s recent stay @ Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower and nothing more. By the way. The Burj Khalifa tower is the tallest man made structure in the world. You may know the Burj Khalifa tower from one of the Mission Impossible films starring Tom Cruise. Where Cruise scales the side of the tower in order to infiltrate a lower level of the structure.

Below are some of pics of Hideo Kojima’s visit to Dubai (gathered from his Twitter feed).












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