Specialization Priority Alpha -Updated-

I hear the chime from my iPad notifying me I have a new e-mail. I look at my iPad, I see the e-mail preview box and its from Xbox. I’m immediately happy and skeptical. I select to view the e-mail and read the following:


I touch the link which takes me to a microsoft sign in page. I fill in the appropriate info and touch sign in. The following page loads and in it is a 25 character XBL code. I’m happier than before and less skeptical. There are very few disappointing outcomes when your given a redeemable code. It’s not like I’m going to redeem the code to reveal a bill, charges, or a fine.

I immediately grab my Xbox controller and hold the guide button to power up my Xbox 360. I grab the T.V. Remote and switch my television to the signal dedicated to my Xbox 360. The system boots up, then I navigate to the redeem code menu and enter my 25 character redeemable code gift from Xbox. Veil lifted, and the mystery is over. It’s a DLC pack for Halo 4’s specialization classes called Specialization Priority Alpha.

Halo 4’s Specialization Priority Alpha DLC is an 108.00 KB download with this following description: “Select Spartans receive priority access to a number of Specialization kits in order to improve combat performance in various fields. the following kits will be available with Specialization Priority Alpha: Engineer, Tracker, Rogue, Stalker, Pathfinder, and Pioneer. Specializations a provide specific adjustments to a Spartan’s armor, weapons, and other battlefield tech”.

If you have also received such a gift from Xbox, please tell me if you have been given a different Specialization kit. Again mine is Specialization Priority Alpha. Thank you for reading.

P.S.- yes. I know my iPad needs to be charged.

UPDATE: A discourse between three registered Halo Waypoint dot commers, seem to have explained the mystery some Halo 4 players had (including myself) after redeeming their Specialization Priority Alpha DLC code and could not find what had been gained. Their posts went as follows:

Does this upset you? You probably have the right to be upset. I’m not sure yet if I am.


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  1. i got the same message with the same items

    1. Wow. Sorry for the late reply. Im looking for a way to be notified on my mobile devices when i receive comments. Im guessing by now this is a done issue for you? Happy New Year.

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