It has been a little more than eight months since the Microsoft Studios published, and Signal Studios developed arcade game Toy Soldiers: Cold War has been released. A sequel to the first installment of the fun filled arcade game Toy Soldiers. Cold War was released on Microsoft’s Xbox Live, during Xbox Live’s Summer Of Arcades back in August of 2011. Since then Toy Soldiers: Cold War has reawakened the military action figure loving kid in many gamers, and has grown a loyal, steady following.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War retains all of which it’s predecessors Toy Soldiers was praised for. The good old nostalgic fun of playing with toy soldiers, whether it was in your living room, back yard, or bathroom, in the your bath tub. Cold War has been improved from some elements in Toy Soldiers formula. Signal Studios managed to remedy a nuisance or two in Toy Soldiers, many gamers were all too glad to see not have made it into this sequel. For instance the pesky hassle of restarting an entire game session losing hours of game time, and wave progression after succumbing to the stew of enemy forces in the battlefield. In Cold War this is no longer the case, now we have wave rewind. Its always refreshing to see a games developer heed the concerns of their games fans.

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